Tie your sling

How to tie your Luie sling - this is how you do it!

Tying a ring sling is easy and convenient. Give it some time to learn. As soon as you know how to do it, you will not want to carry your child any other way. Wearing a ring sling has so many benefits. Among other things, carrying our children close makes the hormone oxytocin flow. Oxytocin is a feel-good hormone that creates guaranteed harmony for both you and your little one. We, humans, belong to the carrying mammals. That is, it is in our DNA to carry our children. We were not created to put our children away.



Can I wear a newborn in a ring shawl?

Yes! You can carry your newborn in a ring sling. However, what is important to keep in mind is making sure you create good support for your child’s neck. In the video above, we show how to easily tie the ring sling with an infant. Notice how Mikaela twists the leftover fabric at the end so that proper support is created at the neck.


In the video above, Nathalie shows how she can easily tie the ring shawl. She puts, just like in the video with Mikaela, the focus on the fabric not ending up wrapped around and tangling. It’s super easy to make sure the fabric is smooth – but nonetheless important for that.


What should I think about before carrying my baby in a shawl?

To think about before you carry your child in a shawl for the first time is that your child should be happy. That is, measured and satisfied. We do not want to try wearing a shawl for the first time with a sad, tired, hungry, and impatient baby. It will not be fun for anyone involved. So – to give both you and your little one a good condition for carrying, we strongly recommend that you test for the first time when the baby is satisfied. Once you have done that, the shawl will be a safe point and even a sad baby will easily be comforted in the shawl.