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Meet Opokua from Stockholm, a Full Spectrum Doula

By choosing to carry your baby in a Luie you’re set up for a comfortable and cosy time no matter if you’re home or on the go. A baby that is being worn and held feels the love and comfort from the parent and is generally a happier baby.

“Luie slings achieve a striking balance between comfort and style seamlessly, and with no compromises.”

How to tie

We have chosen to focus on the ring sling because it is so easy and convenient to use.

Step one

Put the sling over your shoulder. Pull the fabric through the rings. Make sure the garment is throughly spread and not twisted.

Step two

Put your baby in the sling. Spread the fabric over your babys back and pull the bottom rail up betweenyourself and your baby to create a seat to safely rest on.

Step three

Tighten the sling by pulling the fabric until it feels comfortable and safe. Make sure wrap over your babys back is smooth and not wrinkled.

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