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Hedda Strech Sling

Hedda Strech Sling

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When building our collection, we recognized the need for a classic sling that is easy to tie, perfect for the newborn. This beautiful and subtle striped stretch sling is soft against both your skin and your baby’s, providing comfort and support. Whether you're out for a walk, relaxing at home, or attending a more elegant occasion, this sling enhances every moment with its perfect touch of elegance. An essential addition to your new journey of motherhood.

You can carry your children in this sling until they weigh up to 10 kg.

Fabric: 100% organic cotton, made in Portugal
Care instructions: Wash at 30 degrees


Babywearing helps the baby become calmer and, in time, strengthened by the unconditional presence of their parents, their self-confidence grows, and they start exploring the world without fear.

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