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Nico Flower sling - LIMITED EDITION - Recycled fabric

1400 kr

By choosing to carry your baby in a Luie ring sling, you are ready for a pleasant, enjoyable, and comfortable time, whether you are at home or on the go. Babywearing helps the baby be calmer and, in time, strengthened by the unconditional presence of their parents, their self-confidence grows, and they start exploring the world without fear.

Our elastic slings are made of 97% recycled polyester. Created to be a second skin to carry your child in. They are both comfortable and stylish, perfect for spring/summer.

This sling is super light and soft to wear and leaves you with no sweaty feeling. While wearing it during summer, you can also shower your back if you get warm – while still carrying your child. The sling dries fast. But be cautious when exploiting your child to water!

You can carry your children in this sling until they weigh up to 10 kg.

Additional information


48×450 cm


97% Recycled polyester, 3% Elastomer

Wash instructions

30 degrees Celsius

Luie supports Doctors Without Borders

10% of your purchase goes directly to aid in areas affected by crisis.

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