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To be able to celebrate big happenings with your loved ones can never be wrong, and few things are as big and earth shattering as becoming a parent. To get or to organize a babyshower is something that is becoming more common in Europe. It’s been a tradition for a long time in other parts of the world, especially in the US. The idea of today’s modern babyshower is that the future mother is supposed to be “showered” with gifts and good advice before entering motherhood. You often eat something tasty as well as play different baby-related games. For most part, a baby shower is only for the mother but it’s getting more common to include both parents in the celebration.

The concept of baby showers go back in time as far as the early 1800-century. Back then it was deemed inappropriate for a pregnant woman to be out and about so it’s not that hard to imagine that there were a lot of future mothers at home extremely bored. Because of that, female friends and family surprise the becoming mother with a shower. Presents and diaper cakes were probably not a common element back then but it was still an event where the mother was the center of attention. The concept of baby showers has since then grown and evolved into what we know today.

How you choose to plan a baby shower is up to you. If you need some inspiration you can find loads of baby shower tips and ideas online. The most important thing in the end is that you plan it in a way that will make the mother as comfortable and happy as possible. You often have a baby shower sometime during the last trimester. To be courted by her loved ones during the time the future mother probably feels the most tired and heavy is something she will enjoy.

What gift do you give at a baby shower?

There is an enormous amount of baby products to choose from when you’re buying a gift for a baby shower. Here at LUIE we of course think that a ring sling is the perfect gift for someone who is about to enter parenthood. You can use the sling as soon as the child is born, even if they are premature. A gift as cozy as it is practical. The sling makes sure the parent can carry their child while having their arms free, but will also provide the important skin-to-skin contact for a better connection and prosperity between parent and child.

A ring sling can also be used towards the end of a pregnancy to support a growing belly that is getting too heavy. This is an old method called belly wrapping. LUIE slings are soft and very comfortable even for this purpose. 

What characterizes a baby carrier wrap from LUIE is that it’s easy to adjust, is comfortable and has a beautiful design. The soft material only adds to the cozy feeling a parent gets from carrying their child. The ring slings are created with a focus on sustainability where both human and earth are put first.

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