About - Founders of Luie, Amanda Braw and Isabelle Åström
From left: Amanda Braw, Isabelle Åström

Luie was founded by a mother, Isabelle Åström, who saw the benefits of babywearing but felt the absence of baby slings that were both easy and fashionable. Therefore she decided on creating what she couldn’t find on the market today. A brand for the conscious and modern parent, that is looking for a balance between comfort and style. After a few months of preparation, Isabelle met Amanda Braw. A doula and entrepreneurial spirit. A few meetings later, it was all set that she had to join in on Luie and today the company is run by both of them. Two mothers that share an equal will to empower parents on their new road in life. Together they have created ring slings for parents that appreciate the same things as them – style, quality and comfort. Shop your Luie ring sling here.