When Isabelle was on parental leave, she really wanted to carry her child in a shawl, but the road there felt complicated. There was a high threshold to make different connections and, she did not really understand how she would ever be able to carry her child in a sling – until she tested a ring sling. The ring sling was easy to tie and easy to adjust. The child ended up in a good position, and finally, she got to experience the fantastic thing about wearing a shawl. She felt as if both she and her son had found a home. The sling became a life hack in the mother’s life. But where were all the fashionable, discreet shawls that fit the wardrobe? Where were the slings that also focused on the parent? A shawl is also an accessory. With her many years of background in the startup world, thoughts began to sprout, and the desire to get more people to open their eyes to the simplicity of babywearing became strong. She decided to start Luie.


Amanda Braw is a trained doula and health educator. She has broad knowledge in childbirth and postpartum and, as a new mother, she felt a need to help more mothers in the often revolutionary situation of taking life into the world. Both physically and mentally. Much research shows that carrying your child in a sling can reduce postpartum depression. The hormone that stimulates in the body when carrying your child skin to skin, which carrying in a sling often means, can increase healing processes after childbirth. Moms with everything they go through deserve the best, and the kids deserve the best. When Amanda heard about Luie, she therefore became delighted over how important the idea behind a brand that wants to strengthen parents in babywearing really is. Both for mothers and fathers.

Sagt och gjort gick Amanda och Isabelle ihop och driver idag tillsammans varumärket Luie. Ett företag som drivs av hållbarhet och ett holistiskt synsätt på föräldraskapet med själen hos föräldern och barnet. Alla sjalar är etiskt och hållbart tillverkade i Italien i ekologiska eller återvunna material. Missionen med Luie är att fler ska få upp ögonen för hur enkelt, bekvämt och stärkande det är att bära sina barn i sjal.

Isabelle och Amanda har bland annat föreläst om bärande i forum som Barnet Går och Vattnet Går. Mejla hello@luie.eu och märk till mejl med “föreläsning” för förfrågning.